SuperDog City, LLC

Meet the Owner

Who wants to chaseGreetings,

My name is Corey Vitale.  I am the owner of SuperDog City and a Professional Dog Walker.  I started this small business in 2005 for several reasons.

I grew up in a small, rural town in southeastern Pennsylvania.  We had many dog’s growing up, and many treasured relationships.  Dogs have always had their place in my heart and were always a part of our family.

I moved to San Francisco in 2004.  I was overtaken and mesmerized by San Francisco’s natural beauty and uniqueness.  Above all else, it was each person’s admiration and compassion for dogs that was most striking!  Many days, I would watch passersby stop to greet unfamiliar pups and smile.

It was my goal to bring that unique and special “fondness” together.  I wanted to create an environment that facilitated positive play and social interactions for each dog.  By offering a professional dog walking service with each dog’s individual needs in mind, we have created something very special.

I am proud and humbled to be a part of so many dog’s lives and to have shared in the lives of so many dogs, since I opened SuperDog City.  I’ve also been fortunate to train many others to become professional dog walkers for their own businesses.  We hope that you will also be inspired by the uniqueness of our dog walking experience and look forward to meeting you and your dog!