SuperDog City, LLC

What Makes Us Super

what makes us super


Being SUPER means revolutionizing dog walking.   To us, it’s more than merely walking your dog. At SuperDog City, we want to teach your dog the important characteristics of what it means to be a well-rounded canine citizen. Our dog walkers will go the next step, to teach your dog skills and habits to get them on their way!

Our skilled dog walkers will use a variety of talents from:

  • Positive Reinforcement (Verbal Praises and the occasional treat for a job well done!)
  • Professional pack management techniques to keep sessions playful, but controlled.
  • Potty Reinforcement for our younger pups
  • Name recognition, Recall and Basic Obedience exercises

Other INTAGIBLES that separate us from the Pack:

  • Flexibility to Add and Cancel your dogs walks
  • Special Transportation Requests (ie., Groomer and Vet appointments)
  • Personalized Notes after each day
  • Complimentary Training advice
  • Providing your dog a fresh bowl of water at your home
  • Picture text messages, Social Media updates on Facebook

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If you’re interested in learning more about our dog walking services, contact us today! We’d be happy to set up a friendly “Meet and Greet” to learn more about your dog’s interests and what you are looking for in a dog walking service.

We are confident our professional dog walkers can accommodate your pet’s personality and preferences.  And, to make your dog the envy of all those who meet them!

Contact us today!