SuperDog City, LLC

Client Testimonials

At SuperDog City, we strive to achieve superior client satisfaction in all of our dog walking services and dog care that we provide. View our client testimonials below to see what makes us Super!


 Corey and Pree“We love SuperDog, and our walker Reed!  SuperDog is very dependable and always willing to accomodate schedule changes or extra walks, which is much appreciated because my work can be crazy.  Reed has been our dog walker since we moved to SF in March -he is always on time and takes out our dog Lila for at least three hours.  Lila loves him and always comes back from her walks very tired.  Reed is always there for us, and even will watch Lila on the weekend if we need him to.  All in all, a great dog walking service!”  – Elizabeth, San Francisco, CA
 stanley “Corey saved my life.. or at least my sanity. I sprained my ankle and will be crutch bound for awhile. My first thought is uh oh crutches suck.. the second is what about the puppy? We have an extremely energetic, year old Shepherd mix and I am pretty sure she would kill me if I tried walking (hopping?) her on the hill that we live on.  I called Monday, he came over to meet Sasha Tuesday and Sasha started with them on Wednesday. It has been a fantastic experience. He has taught her to behave offleash! Amazing for my ADD pup! Highly recommend this service for anyone who needs their pup to socialize, burn off energy, and even brush up on their manners.”  – Yessica, San Francisco, CA
 kona“We started using Corey and his team a few months ago and we LOVE him. The first time we met him he was very good with our dog, Moose, and was happy to answer all the questions we had. Even when small mishaps happened (one of his employees lost our keys, doh) or our doggy bag holder went missing, Corey immediately took it upon himself to profusely apologize and replace things. He is professional, friendly, and we also love the fact that he takes our dog out for such a long time. Our hyper little corgi pup comes back pooped and so happy! He leaves notes about where they went and who Moose played with (so our paranoid puppy parent woes are always at ease). Recently, he also has his colleague Chris walk Moose, and likewise Chris also leaves us notes — which is awesome.  Thanks Corey and Chris for taking such awesome care of our furry pup! They even gave him Christmas treats that he thoroughly enjoyed. We’re beyond thrilled with Superdog and would highly recommend them to any doggy parent.”  – Shay, San Francisco, CA
 puppy80x80“We LOVE SuperDog. We relocated from the east coast with a puppy and off leash was scary to us. We are so lucky to have found Corey. He came over to meet with us and our dog. He worked with him until he was comfortable off leash, then set him up with a pack. Our dog worked with Tyler and Dan and loves them both. You can tell they are they are passionate about dogs and have built a great bond with mine. He comes home exhausted and I love knowing he spent the day running around. Every one with SuperDog is professional friendly and our dog has grown so much since working with them, I would recommend them to anyone!”  – Bridget, San Francisco, CA
 running80x80“I’d like to update my review of Corey since it’s been a few years, however I want to point out that Corey and his team are nothing short of amazing. They have been my dog’s walker for almost 5 years and always bring home my dog very happy and tired. They even are expanding their service area to accommodate my upcoming move. Now that’s an amazing dog walking service!!”  – Meredith, San Francisco, CA
 husky “Corey runs a great operation with SuperDog, with a VERY good value in terms of the service you get. Reed, our particular walker, is an fun, energetic, and very responsible dog walker. The pups are as excited to see him every day as they are us!”  – Billy, San Francisco, CA
 smilydog80x80 “Corey is AMAZING. We have been using him for almost 7 months and we have had nothing but positive experiences. He is very flexible with our dogs walking schedule and would pick Baron up at a moments notice. He even helped get Baron out and about after his knee surgery, and was very helpful in Baron’s recovery. My favorite part of his servce, are the detailed notes left each day about what Baron did and where he took him!”  – Alexzandra, San Francisco, CA
 dog baker“SuperDog City is so great! We highly recommend for in home puppy care and dog walking! We work with Tyler and he’s always been so great – he’s on time, professional, and knowledgeable about puppy training and care. He’s flexible and wants what’s best for your pup. Our puppy  Zelda is just over 6 months and we’ve had some special requests because of various circumstances and SuperDog has been more than accommodating. If you’re looking for someone to love, play and take care of your dog, look no further!”  – Corina, San Francisco, CA
 chrissy fields“Corey and his crew are the BEST!   We have been working with him for over a year and have nothing but good things to say.  Our dog loves going out with the group….she even sits by our front door around the time when she’s picked up.  Corey and his staff are all very reliable and personable.   Also, what’s great (and unique) about Corey is that he does puppy visits at your home.   Not all dog walkers will take the time to do this but we were very fortunate to have Corey play with and help train our dog literally from the first week we brought her home. My husband and I heart SuperDog.  Two thumbs way up!!”  – Sara, San Francisco, CA
 poodle “SuperDog is awesome.  Our pup comes home tired and happy after her runs with Dan.  She also had a great experience with Tyler who worked with her the first week.  Both of them were responsible and leave us notes about our pup’s day when they drop her off.  Since she can’t tell us, it’s nice to know how her day went!  Her recall has also improved so much since she started working with Dan.  When we first moved here in August, we would not have dreamed of letting Banksy off-leash in an unenclosed space.  Now she responds immediately and checks in with us when she’s off-leash at parks and at the beach.  We’ve also boarded with Dan and it seems like they really bonded.”  – Nicole, San Francisco, CA
  “Corey and his team are fantastic.  I met him soon after I rescued our boxer, Ella, who was at that time very afraid of anyone that wasn’t me.  Corey understood her needs immediately and really helped her come out of her shell.  We started her a couple of times a week with Superdog, but soon had them taking Ella daily.  Ella always had a great time, came back exhausted (which is great for a boxer puppy) and was always super excited to see the dog walkers. I highly recommend these guys for anyone who wants their dog treated like family…”  – Steve, San Francisco, CA
dogwball“Great group of guys and operation. When I was searching for a new fur kid nanny, I interviewed them and another group. SuperDog (Tyler and Nicole) was super helpful and even offered to meet up at Crissy Field so my fur kid can mingle with his pack as a preliminary meet & greet.  They met the level of customer service that I was expecting (e.g. leaving notes post walk to let me know where they visited and how things went, or they would request me to put a towel by the door in case it’s a rainy day so they can wipe down the pooch so your home remains clean) or be available via text in case of emergencies.  Definitely recommend people to check them out.” – May, San Francisco, CA