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Puppy Care

puppy care


Puppies can be a lot to handle with biting, barking, and potty accidents. Housebreaking them is a time consuming process, especially for a dog owner. SuperDog City offers a professional in-home puppy care service for puppies between 8-16 weeks of age. Once they finish their final puppy vaccination, we’re happy to introduce them to one of our group walks!

  • For puppy’s between 8-16 weeks of age.
  • We will personalize a schedule that fits you and your pup in the safety and confines of your own home.
  • We will spend a minimum of 20-30 minutes/ per visit; exercising and building on basic obedience exercises for your pup.
  • We will focus on potty breaking by setting up a consistent schedule during the day.
  • We will begin working and strengthening upon your pup’s socialization with people we meet and friendly dogs.
  • Our goal will be by week 16 to have begun preparing him/her for socialization with new dogs and then graduating your pup to our group playtimes.
  • Upon entering our group playtimes (around week 16 of age) we will begin incorporating the commands your pup has learned to playing off-leash!


The best Puppy Care Services in San Francisco!


What’s more fun than running with a group of puppies! We love it, almost more than they do! This puppy playtime is so much fun and opens the door to your dog’s new world.






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