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puppy care

Puppy Care Pros | Your Puppy’s Best Friend

SuperDog City offers unmatched in-home puppy care, potty training, private dog walks for puppies between 8-16 weeks of age. Perfect for the on-the-go parent or working professional.

Features of our Puppy Care Program:

  • We will personalize a schedule that fits you and your pup in the safety and confines of your own home.
  • We will spend a minimum of 20-30 minutes/ per visit; exercising and building on basic obedience exercises for your pup.
  • We will focus on potty breaking by setting up a consistent schedule during the day.
  • We will begin working and strengthening upon your pup’s socialization with people we meet and friendly dogs.
  • Our goal will be by week 16 to have begun preparing him/her for socialization with new dogs and then graduating your pup to our group playtimes.
  • Upon entering our group playtimes (around week 16 of age) we will begin incorporating the commands your pup has learned to playing off-leash!

Limited spaces available for this service.

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puppy groups

NEW SERVICE | Introducing SF’s 1st Outdoor Puppy Groups!

We will bring out approx. 4-6 jubilating puppies in each group to the neighboring beaches and/or parks in your area. Each puppy playtime, consists of at least 1-hour of romp time. During this time, your puppy will welcome the opportunity to make new friend’s, play to their hearts content and during this whole experience will learn basic obedience from our professional staff of dog walkers. They will also learn the fundamentals of canine socialization, that their furry canine friends can only teach them.

To welcome your puppy to the pack, we will come by to meet you and your puppy. During this time, we can learn more about your puppy and also guide you towards what puppy behaviors may need reinforcing. We believe your involvement is most important too, so we will always leave you a daily note on their activities.

We look forward to meeting your puppy and helping you during this anxious time. We’ve been working with dogs for nearly 10 years, giving them the tools they need to be smart, healthy, and well-socialized adult dogs.

Limited spaces available.

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Each puppy can either begin after graduating from our in-home puppy program or when your puppy is over the age of 16 wks. Must be up to date on their core vaccinations, including Bordetella & Giardia.